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MUGETUFT  to perform its music-video improvisations at Oslo Screen Festival, at ANX, 6. March.MUGETUFT to perform its music-video improvisations at Oslo Screen Festival, at ANX, 6. March.

80-ties rock band UPF resists retirement, plays at Vanguard in Oslo feb.1

MUGETUFT  to perform its music-video improvisations at the WORM in Rotterdam during Mind The Gap/IFFR  January 23.

NEW EP: HYSJ - for Radio and Fretless Guitars available in iTunes and Spotify

NEW EP: Left At the Self Bar, available now in iTunes and Spofity

Musi-Visio collective Mugetuft holds outdoor concerts by Maridalsvannet in Oslo Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 Video

New quartet formed: Open Ear Consortium (Francesco Cusa, Piero Bittolo Bon, Wille Oteri, Tellef Øgrim)

Tellef goes to Sicilia:
RARA festival in Syracusa
Cusa/Gebbia/Øgrim Trio live at RARA

Italian Allaboutjazz reviews What's wrong with Now

Check out photographer Arne Raanaas' great photo-blog from last weekend's gig.

First concert with Dag Einar Eilertsen Quartet (Eilertsen + Chris Jennings, Jacek Kochan and Tellef Ø)

Album release: What's Wrong with Now? with Clementine Gasser and Jacek Kochan. New Review!
December 2012: is the first store to offer the high resolution mix of  What's Wrong with Now?

Single Release: "Skatten i Skrinet" with the 80-ties rock band UPF

Single Release: "Kraften i oss to" with  the 80-ties rock band UPF.

Playing The Dutch Fretless Festival, Den Haag in June

Guitar duo-recording with Gunnar Backman

"odd, weird, twisted, unorthodox, unconventional and simply freaky" - Dept of Virtuosity

"playful and risky the way this sort of music is meant to be" - Improjazz

"the only thing that makes me understand that a new song has started is the space of a few seconds between the tracks" - Hamar Arbeiderblad

"Wagon 8 is a strong debut for Ogrim's less-than-conventional instrument and collective" - AllAboutJazz

Live at Paard
Peter Knudsen, Henrik Hellstenius and Tellef exploring live visuals and music.
Which came first? Video
With Wonka Live at Brötz, Gothenburg, October 2012
Ung Pike Forsvunnet is an old rock band that refuses to die. Led by Ole Hedemann.

Video for single released June 2012

Hedemann's new tune "Skatten i skrinet"  was released January 13.
With Francesco Cusa and Gianni Gebbia at the RARA festival for improvised music, Sicily, July 25, 2013