"odd, weird, twisted, unorthodox, unconventional and simply freaky" - Dept of Virtuosity

"playful and risky the way this sort of music is meant to be" - Improjazz

"the only thing that makes me understand that a new song has started is the space of a few seconds between the tracks" - Hamar Arbeiderblad

"Wagon 8 is a strong debut for Ogrim's less-than-conventional instrument and collective" - AllAboutJazz

"Kochan's closing "Choose the Mud " is notable for Ogrim's chiming intro and cadenza bookending a swinging echoplexed trumpet trio on a disc that satisfyingly avoids the obvious."

"Tellef Øgrim is a fine technician of the fretless guitar, which over the years he has mastered producing, in particular, the excellent album of solo pieces for the instrument Some Dodos Never Die."

This just in: 
- Subradar.no (Improv, Noise, Contemporary++) releases November.
- Chris Haines listed our album November as the 10th best of 2014, has now reviewed it, and the followup EP, at Freejazzblog.

- Left At the Self Bar, available now in iTunes and Spofity 
- Anders Berg / Tellef Øgrim Duo at Bandcamp